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Drinking water is important for our bodies to work properly. It helps maintain energy levels, aids in the digestive process, is important in temperature regulation and it helps your brain to function. But we are not like plants and our skin does not immediately become hydrated when we drink water – it does not go straight to the skin but is ingested via the intestines before being absorbed into the blood and then filtered by the kidneys. It then hydrates the cells so in reality drinking water is only part of the picture in keeping our skin hydrated.

The moisture levels in skin can vary depending on what the outer protective barrier is exposed to and depending on our genetic make up some skin types cope better than others.

Minimizing exposure to depleting elements like low humidity, dry heat, alcohol sun and harsh chemicals and soaps can prevent the loss of natural oils. Treating skin with a Shielding Lotion (Gloves In A Bottle from superdrug.com) which creates a waterproof ‘second skin’ will further reduce natural moisture loss particularly in the winter months.

Diet can also play a part and foods rich in essential fatty acids like olive oil, salmon walnuts can help skin cells stay hydrated.